Friday, April 24, 2009


Q. I recently bought 4G memory to build my new system. After setting UMA Frame Buffer Size to 256M in the BIOS. In the ATI control panel, the display memory Size is 700MB. But in GPU-Z, it shows the memory size as 256MB. Is this normal?

A. Yes, it is normal. The ATI control panel shows 700MB as the display memory size because of AMD Hyper Memory technology. It is a technology through which the GPU can share more system memory as the display memory. When 2G or more memory is plugged in the system, the system will allocate 700MB memory for the GPU. When the UMA Frame Buffer Size is set to 256M in BIOS, 256MB of memory is dedicated for the GPU. The remaining memory (257MB ~ 700MB) is dynamically allocated to the GPU or the system on need basis. Your version of GPU-Z does not take AMD Hyper Memory into account. Hence it merely displays 256MB of dedicated system memory as the display memory.

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