Monday, April 20, 2009

How to Disable the Content Advisor Password in Internet Explorer

The following are steps you can take to disable the content advisor:
Click on Start and choose Run. Type in RegEdit and select OK.

Click the plus sign for H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Continue down through:+H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE +Software +Microsoft +Windows +CurrentVersion +Policies

Click on the Ratings folder.

In the right pane of the RegEdit window, you'll see an icon called Key.

Click on it and press Delete.

Exit the registry editor

Restart the computer and run Internet Explorer again.

Choose Tools, then Internet Options (View > Options in IE 4 and below) Click on the Content (Security in IE 4 and below) tab and if the 'Enable/Disable' button still says Disable, click on it. When asked for a password, just enter a null (blank) password.

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