Friday, April 11, 2014

New Keyboard shortcuts on Windows 8.1.

Here is the list of few New KB Shortcut for Windows 8.1

Windows Key + SOpen Search Charm to search Windows and Web
Windows Key + QSearch within the opened app
Windows Key + FSearch files
Windows Key + ZGet Commands and Context Menus within an app
Windows Key + . + Right ArrowSnap app to the right
Windows Key + . + Left ArrowSnap app to the left
Ctrl + Plus (+)Zoom in on Start Screen
Ctrl + Minus (-)Zoom out on Start Screen
Windows Key + Down ArrowClose an app
Windows Key + Start TypingSearch your PC
Windows Key + OLock the screen orientation (portrait or landscape)
Windows Key + Ctrl + SpacebarChange to a previously selected input language
Windows Key + PChoose a presentation display mode
Windows Key + XOpen Start Button options
Windows Key + HomeMinimize all but the active desktop window

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