Saturday, February 22, 2014

Build an Applications folder for quick program launching from the Start screen or Desktop in Windows 8

There is a quicker way to access all your apps, whether you're on the Desktop or the Start screen:

Create an Applications folder to Hold them all.

First, Run File Explorer Navigate to the Desktop and create a new folder.

After you create it, rename it:


On the Desktop and in File Explorer, the folder will be called Applications. Double-click it to see a list of all your applications, including Windows 8 Store apps, traditional Desktop applications and many system apps such as Control Panel. To run an app, double-click it.

There's still one problem, though: The folder doesn't show up on the Start screen. 
To put it on Start Screen : Right-click the folder on the Desktop or in File Explorer and select "Pin to Start." It's now pinned to the Start screen, it may not be immediately visible there.
To find it, scroll all the way over to the right, and you can find it there. Click it, and the folder opens with all your apps.
If you want, you can move it to a more prominent location on the Start screen by dragging it to the left.

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