Sunday, December 25, 2011

How to Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook

Here are the steps to recover Deleted Items:

Select the Deleted Items folder then click:-Tools - Recover Deleted Items…

A window opens showing all the emails deleted from the Deleted Items folder.

Select one or more emails you want to recover, click on Recover Selected Items and they will appear back in the Deleted Items folder

You can also access the dumpster from Outlook Web Access, from the Options page:-

If mail is deleted using Shift+Del. This means emails in the Inbox is moved to the hidden dumpster.

To be able to access the entire Dumpster you need to make a Registry change.
(Please take a backup of the Registory before making any change)

Click: Start - Run and type regedit then click OK to open the Registry Editor.
Navigate to:-

Click: Edit - New - DWORD Value
Rename the new value: DumpsterAlwaysOn
Double-click this new value and set its value to 1:-

Close Regedit

Close Outlook, if it's open, restart it and the Recover Deleted Items from every folder, including those that contain Contacts, Calendar items, etc.

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